Rachael is an exclusive contributor to various premium magazines, websites, and luxury brand titles.

Armed with distinctive automotive insight, Rachael is driven by a mission to empower women in automotive. She believes that every woman should possess the knowledge and confidence to make well-informed decisions regarding luxury car purchases. For her, the ideal vehicle strikes a balance among aesthetics, performance, practicality, and investment potential.

In her articles, Rachael gives female readers a unique lens on luxury and supercars, detailing what to prioritise in a high-end vehicle. Each review delves into a car’s standout features, its performance, and the overall driving experience it promises.

But for Rachael, luxury cars aren’t merely about opulence; they’re substantial investments. She ensures readers grasp the long-term value and resale prospects of the cars she evaluates, enabling them to enjoy the drive while safeguarding their investment.

Rachael’s writings aim to fuel women’s enthusiasm for luxury cars, offering them invaluable insights and direction to make confident automotive choices.

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